W. Tom Witherspoon, Phd, PE

Consulting Engineer                 (214) 202-5780


Dr. Witherspoon's doctoral research was the first of its kind to test axial compressive capacity (capacity to support a structure) for many of the foundation repair techniques that are being utilized today. The bar chart displayed above shows side by side capacities for each of the different methods, which in most cases provides a different picture of performance than is advertised by the foundation repair contractors. Dr. Witherspoon has been in the foundation repair business (Witherspoon founded S & W Foundation Contractors and designed their limited access and soil stabilization equipment) for over 22 years in combination with a personal evaluation of over 18,000 houses or building during a 40 plus year career has provided a unique perspective of remedial foundation repair effectiveness. Dr Witherspoon's comprehensive evaluation of foundation performance, provides a deep analysis of cause and effect for piering and piling techniques. "Expectations of Underpinning", which is a National standard for the Foundation Repair Association, provides for the customer a realistic view of pier and pile performance and expected outcomes of remedial underpinning.


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