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A house is the most important investment many Americans will ever make, but many times this decision is based more on aesthetics than structural integrity. It is at times like this, however, that the prospective homeowner/property owner should rely upon a Licensed Professional Engineer with experience in both repair and design of foundations and structures to determine what risks are associated with their purchase.

The best and sometimes only time to ensure you have not purchased a money pit is prior to purchase. Before the purchase there is room to negotiate and time to back out if conditions with the house/structure are such that there will be continued problems and potential loss in value over time. The cost of an engineering evaluation bye a Licensed Engineer is small in comparison with foundation repair cost that may sometimes exceed $200,000.00. Therefore, take the time and spend the initial money to know what you are purchasing before the asset becomes a liability. 

It is also very important to maintain a structure. Therefore, if you are seeing signs of problems it is very important to call a Licensed Professional Engineer to evaluate the problem and make recommendations to address the visible and sometimes unseen problems.

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